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  • Exfoliating Lemon Mint

    A great soap for anyone looking for incredible exfoliation! Scrub the dirt and bacteria off any part of the body with this very dense, long-lasting and exceptionally exfoliating yet moisturizing bar.
    • pumice stone and Non-GMO corn meal help remove dead skin; improving skin texture and tone
    • infused with organic seaweed & raw dead sea salts for their detoxifying and revitalizing properties
    • packed with organically moisture rich jojoba, hemp seed oil and coconut milk
    Benefits: Exfoliating, antibacterial, detoxifying, long lasting, hydrating.
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Lemongrass & Beer

    Enticing aromas and lavish moisturizing bubbles is featured with this custom soap made with preservative-free beer from our local brewery (Walkerville Brewery) in Windsor, Ontario. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is no alcohol in the finished bar. Another versatile and manly soap we offer!
    • enhanced with organic moisture rich hemp seed, avocado, coconut and jojoba oils
    • an aromatherapy blend of citrus oils for added Vitamin C and fragrant aroma
    • our beer source is preservative-free, local and free of any chemical additives
    Benefits: Antibacterial, antioxidants, moisturizing, astringent
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  • Lemongrass & Green Tea

    A citrus cocktail of 5 invigorating essential oils leaves a clean, fresh scent that’s incredibly rich in Vitamin C! Organic green tea adds healing antioxidants, making this soap one of the most popular choices amongst our customers.
    • contains astringent and antiseptic essential oils of lemongrass, lime, pink grapefruit, sweet orange & lemon
    • in a base of organic, antioxidant rich green tea. Invigorating scent
    • incredibly moisturizing complex of organic oils from jojoba, coconut, castor & shea
    Benefits: Astringent, invigorating, revitalizes, detoxifies
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