Bath Bombs

All bath bombs are hand made with the same high quality oils and ingredients as our soaps. They are great for sensitive skin and provide a luxurious spa-like experience, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.

True to our values, each bath bomb is free of synthetic scents and colouring, corn starch and chemicals.

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  • Bath Bombs

    Made without chemical dyes or fragrances, our relaxing bath bombs transforms your bath from boring to blissful, setting you up for an indulgent soak. Pick and choose any 3 square (small) or round (large) bath bombs and save! Special price for bulk purchase:
    • Any 3 Square Bath Bomb: $12     Save $1.50
    • Any 3 Round Bath Bomb: $19        Save $1.25
    • Sleeve of 6 Square Bath Bombs: $20   Save $7
    From: $4.50
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