Ocean Bottom Soap Company uses only the purest, chemical-free, truly organic, ingredients which is why I wholeheartedly recommend their products to my patients.  So much care and thought goes into every process and their products are so gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

As a company Ocean Bottom has donated countless pounds of soap to various causes and especially to our patients battling cancer and chronic illness.

We are so grateful to have such a high calibre organic soap company local to Windsor-Essex County and pleased to support Charmaine and her team with the heart of gold.

Dr. Meighan Valero ND
Founder and CEO of Valero Wellness & V Apothecary

My son Daniel is a playful, energetic, full of life little 9 year old boy and one night after his shower he pointed out a red mark on his leg. He had no symptoms but that’s when our problems began.

Over the next two days the red mark spread and developed into a rash which led me to bring him to his Pediatrician where I was reassured it was nothing to be worried about.  After few more days, the marks spread rapidly and became larger and an angry red colour. A second trip to our Pediatrician led to another non diagnosis.

The rash continued and frustration led us back to our Pediatrician and he immediately got on the phone with the pediatricians over at the hospital and Daniel was quickly admitted over the next three days where he was given intravenous antibiotics as the Doctors were thinking he “possibly” had a staph infection.  The rash slightly improved and we were sent home without diagnosis and were scheduled a follow up appointment at the hospital in the next two days.

Later that day the rash progressed and we waited impatiently for the follow up appointment.

The Doctor examined Daniel and advised us to give him a bleach and water bath to decontaminate his skin and to immediately start him on Prednisone!

I was so distraught of the thought of putting bleach on my son’s skin and putting my child on Prednisone that I expressed this to the doctor that I refused his advice if they didn’t have a proper diagnosis for him. I explained that I wasn’t giving him meds to mask his symptoms.

The rash continued and over 14 days Daniel saw 14 different Doctors, many nurses, four different antibiotics, cortisone ointments and many different prescription creams.  We had enough and contacted our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Natasha Zajmalowski. From the moment I walked into her office, she assured me that everything was going to be OK. She gave me some advice and tips and referred me to Charmaine Gillis of Ocean Bottom.

I left her office and drove straight to Ocean Bottom where my frustrating journey began to change to one of relief. From the moment I walked in, I felt Charmaine really listened to the details that Daniel had gone through and asked me many specific questions. Charmaine understood and immediately made him a special Himalayan Essential oil infused bath soak , a Honey Oatmeal natural soap and a special Salve to rub onto his skin.

I went home and gave Daniel his Himalayan bath and cleansed his skin with the Honey Oatmeal soap. Daniel came out of his bath and his first words were “Mommy, look it’s not as red and it doesn’t itch.”

I noticed a crazy difference immediately and felt so overwhelmed and continued everything Charmaine made for us. Over the next few days Daniel’s symptoms began to slowly disappear. He was left with scars all over his legs and I worried they would be permanent. I continued to apply the salve and now, six months later, the scars are barely visible.

We feel so blessed to have met such amazing and caring people and can’t be thankful enough.

Every time we talk about this situation, Daniel always reminds me “Mommy, Charmaine is the best!” and he always looks forward to paying a visit to Ocean Bottom.

Daniel enjoys and still uses Ocean Bottom’s soap daily as well as a special natural Deodorant that Charmaine specially makes for Daniel that is nut free (Daniel also has severe tree nut allergies).

Ocean Bottom, thank you for taking great care of Daniel and we’re so glad we did it the natural way!


I stink when I work and when I work out, I smell like a goat. I’ve tried aluminum antiperspirants, my husband’s deodorant, rock salt, everything short of botox. Everyone around me was at their wit’s end!

Until ….I tried Ocean Bottom natural deodorant. This is the most amazing product, it works!!!!!

I challenge anyone to throw away their deodorants and try this product.

Anita Zee

I love all of the Ocean Bottom Soaps that I have used!

I previously had been using a major brand body wash and find that I get a cleaner feeling with the Ocean Bottom Soap. I have used many of the different soaps and have to say that there hasn’t been one that I don’t like. I especially like the Butter Bar for its moisturizing and Honey Oatmeal for its moisturizing and exfoliating feature. The bonus is that they are chemical free.

I  have recommended Ocean Bottom Soap to all my family and friends!

Kathy Alexander

Using all natural is important for my family.  I found it really hard to find an all-natural soap that had an appealing scent that held its form well and didn’t leave a soapy film. The scents and essential oils make for an amazing combination that my skin loves.  I have used a number of the Ocean Bottom soaps, and I have loved each and every one of them. And, knowing I have reduced the chemical exposure for my family – an added bonus!

My search is over – I absolutely love your all-natural soaps.  Thank you for the great selection and quality!

Shelley Lamont, Vancouver, BC

Awesome soap Charmaine, the Tea Tree and Neem soap has healed our son’s acne up without drying up his skin. We especially like the smell of your peppermint goat’s milk.

We love, love your soap!

Mary and Jim, Leamington, Ontario

Our family loves Ocean Bottom Soap Company! Can’t get the kids out of the shower lol. We find there is no soap scum in the tub and its very moisturizing. We don’t need any body lotion anymore.

Jan M, London, Ontario

I have been using Ocean Bottom Soap for over a year now. I first contacted Charmaine because of a very serious autoimmune skin disease that I had been suffering with for several months. I had tried a sample of her oatmeal-based soap and found that it helped.

I needed a product with natural ingredients that was both soothing and moisturizing. Following a consultation with Charmaine (who is very compassionate and attentive), I was presented with a soap designed specifically for my needs with a combination of ingredients I had requested mixed with suggestions from her. She even put together a lotion to further soothe and heal my skin.

I have found the products from Ocean Bottom Soap to be of the highest quality.

Ann Campeau

I am in love with Ocean Bottom Soap! I have been using Lavender Oatmeal, the Jordan Rift with Dead Sea Mud, and the Cinnamon Shaving Soap for over a year now. It is a unique soap experience for me. When using these lovely products (made with love by the way), I can’t get enough of the feel and smell I enjoy when experiencing them! I have noticed a big difference in how my skin feels and smells. It feels healthy, soft and soothed. I have dry skin and even in this extreme cold weather, my skin is not as dry as it once was.

I am happy to powerfully acknowledge Charmaine for developing beautiful healthy products for many people around the world to enjoy for years to come! Many heart felt thanks!

Tracy St. Germain, Actress

I might be one of Ocean Bottom Soap’s most loyal customers, going back ten years.

There are so many therapeutic qualities and Charmaine puts her heart and soul into each variety. We buy a large and eclectic supply, and use it exclusively in our home: tea tree, cinnamon, licorice, spa bar, goat milk, butter bar, and the shaving soap, to name a few. It also has a very good “shelf life”.

Every year my friends and business associates look for their Ocean Bottom Soap for Christmas and are truly ecstatic when I renew their supply. I hope that Charmaine is able to expand her market so that more and more people get to enjoy this soap.

Andrea Shaughnessy and husband, Tony Burrell, Kingsville

I love the Ocean Bottom Soap Company’s products, especially the Butter Bar Soap, which has great lather and a wonderful creaminess and, the Cucumber & Rosemary soap, which smells delicious.

It’s great knowing that I’m getting high quality, all natural and chemical free products made right here in Canada!

Joelle Dussiaume