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  • Vanilla & Coconut Blue Seaweed Sugar Scrub

    Crafted to cater to both your face and body, our luxurious Vanilla & Coconut Blue Seaweed Sugar Scrub offers a multi-sensory experience. This exquisite blend is gentle yet effective, making it suitable for pampering your entire being. Whether you seek to refresh your complexion or lavish care on your body, this versatile scrub is your ultimate companion for achieving velvety-smooth, radiant skin from head to toe.
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  • Vanilla Lip Scrub

    Smooth lips ahead! Our Vanilla Lip Scrub is everything you could ask for in a lip scrub. It exfoliates gently but thoroughly, rinses cleanly and tastes great - not that we recommend eating it! Lips are left smooth and refreshed. We recommend following up with one of our lip balms for lips that are super kissable!
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  • Lemongrass & Lavender Salt Scrub

    Tell dry, flaky skin to slough off! The invigorating blend of Lemongrass and Lavender essential oils is the perfect pairing of citrus and tranquillity. Use in the shower or bath and skin will be left silky smooth.  
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  • Coffee Scrub

    Our Coffee Scrub is filled with a variety of ingredients to truly pamper your skin! Organic Costa Rican Coffee works to exfoliate your skin for a new, brighter complexion. The organic coffee essential oil helps promote blood circulation, and fight inflammation and dark circles. This luxurious scrub is infused with seaweed for anti-inflammatory affects and superior hydration, while castor oil fights bacterial growth and acne. Our coffee scrub can be used directly on your face, thighs, and body for a spa like exfoliation! Available in 2 sizes: 3 oz or 16 oz jar RECYCLABLE - BIODEGRADABLE - COMPOSTABLE
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