Our soaps are unisex, based on their ingredients. They are great for a variety of skin types, regardless of gender. However, we picked out soaps often favoured by men for their scents and ingredients.

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  • Woodsman

    This very herbaceous soap has a fusion of 7 essential oils to repel insects. Made with grapeseed oil and and shea butter for added emollient. It’s an excellent soap, especially for campers and the outdoorsy type!
    • packed with natural and organic insect repelling essential oils, including: citronella, eucalyptus, lemon, patchouli, camphor, lemongrass, & lavender
    • enriched with organic oils of olive, coconut, palm, castor & shea butter
    • naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and herbaceously vibrant
    Benefits: Repels bugs and insects, antiseptic, herbaceous, antibacterial
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  • Bay & Lime

    Fresh and wonderfully aromatic, this spicy and citrus soap will replenish and hydrate. Loaded with antiseptic properties while still providing superb hydration.
    • combination of bay & lime essential oils, this bar is great for acne and poor circulation
    • organic, raw coconut oil & shea butter is added to moisturize and protect
    • naturally an effective antiseptic. Gluten-free & fully vegan
    Benefits: Aromatic, antiseptic, moisturizing,toning
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  • Lemongrass & Beer

    Enticing aromas and lavish moisturizing bubbles is featured with this custom soap made with preservative-free beer from our local brewery (Walkerville Brewery) in Windsor, Ontario. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is no alcohol in the finished bar. Another versatile and manly soap we offer!
    • enhanced with organic moisture rich hemp seed, avocado, coconut and jojoba oils
    • an aromatherapy blend of citrus oils for added Vitamin C and fragrant aroma
    • our beer source is preservative-free, local and free of any chemical additives
    Benefits: Antibacterial, antioxidants, moisturizing, astringent
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  • Cinnamon Shaving

    An explosion of cinnamon and clove essential oils to awaken your senses. It leaves a healing trail of suds on your skin, reminiscent of Christmas smells; spicy and sweet tones. This double layer soap is loaded with skin loving oils.
    • fullers earth clay and shea butter give a dense full lather needed for shaving. Orange essential oil is added for Vitamin C; vital for skin renewal
    • cinnamon essential oil stimulates the hair follicle making the hair stand up to get a closer shave
    • topped off with organic green tea for its amazing antioxidant property
    Benefits: Stimulating, antioxidants, spicy, moisturizing, full lather
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  • Canadian Beer Eh!

    Intoxicate your skin with our spicy beer soap. Its super rich lather will leave you feeling revitalized! Enriched with sunflower oil high in Vitamins A, B, D and E. African shea butter penetrates the epidermis of the skin soothing irritations combined with argan oil for its anti-aging properties. A manly soap for manly men!
    • crafted using local & preservative-free Walkerville Beer
    • nourishing, lathering and hydrating thanks to its combination of organic oils of coconut, olive, avocado, sunflower, infused with shea butter and manuka honey
    • rich in vitamins to help improve over-all skin health and glow
    Benefits: Rich lather, soothing, warm & spicy, hydrating
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  • Creamy Castile (Olive Oil)

    *This soap is being discontinued - only available while supplies last* Our popular olive oil based soap. The name Castile comes from Castile, Spain which is renowned for its olive oil. This European tradition is kept alive here at Ocean Bottom Soap Company.
    • we use Spanish extra-virgin olive oil for its therapeutic qualities; as an intense moisturizer and dense Vitamin E content
    • it regenerates skin tissue keeping it toned, firm and moisturized
    • infused with a nourishing blend of essential oils & organic healing raw oils
    Benefits: Anti aging, moisturizing, antibacterial, humectant, nourishing.
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  • Peppermint, Goat’s Milk & Barley

    Our ever popular peppermint infused with goat’s milk soap! A very dense, long lasting bar that tingles & exfoliates your skin.
    • barley, rich in minerals, helps to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy glow
    • refreshing peppermint oil revives your senses with many therapeutic skin benefits
    • organic goat’s milk added for its gentle, nourishing and vitamin rich properties
    Benefits: Revitalizes, moisturizes, cooling, therapeutic.
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  • Coconut & Green Tea

    Food for your skin, rich in antioxidants, green tea has been used for centuries for clear beautiful, flawless skin. Coconut oil is one of our favourite oils. It’s great from head to toe!
    • packed with organic coconut milk & organic coconut oil properties
    • a botanical blend of therapeutic essential oils gives this soap a savoury scent
    • nourishing base of organic oils from olive, palm, castor & shea butter
    Benefits: Antioxidants, regenerates, rich moisturizing lather, therapeutic.
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  • Great Barrier Reef

    Each bar is a work of art swirled and peppered with 5 Australian clays, each with their own unique qualities and benefits. Infused with essential oils to create a relaxing and aromatic state. Detoxify, tone and pamper.
    • enriched with calendula and lavender essential oil to heal and soothe the skin
    • in a base of organic coconut, palm, olive, castor with raw shea & cocoa butter
    • blended with detoxifying and conditioning Australian clays and organic seaweed
    Benefits: Detoxify, regenerates, relaxing, tones.
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  • Rosemary Mint

    Wonderfully fresh and herbaceous! Wake up your skin with the botanical oils of spearmint and rosemary for added circulation and a healthy glow. Pamper your skin with the vitamins and minerals of other densely packed essential oils.
    • richly formulated with healthy organic oils of rice bran, coconut, olive & avocado
    • healing properties of organic neem oil & parsley leaf promote healthy looking skin
    • rosemary & spearmint oils not only invigorates your senses, it also aids in healthy circulation and skin luminosity
    Benefits: Herbaceous, circulation, conditioning, protects.
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