Enjoy Pest-Free Nights with our Don’t Bug Me Collection

Warm summer days spent playing in the sun soon give way to summer evenings spent around campfires, pool decks and outdoor parties. Outsmart the buggy party crashers next time you venture out after dark with our all natural insect repellent from our Don’t Bug Me Collection.

This biodegradable spray is safe to use on your skin, shoes, camping equipment, patio furniture and more! The diverse oils combine to protect adults and children from flies, spiders and other pesky insects. If venturing deep in the woods is your thing, we have created The Hunter with additional ingredients to ward off ticks.

If you have forgotten your bug spray and the pint-sized vampires do strike, our Bug Bite Rollerball delivers speedy relief of itching and redness.

Here’s what one Mom told us after her little one had a run in with some thirsty mosquitoes:

Bug Bite Before & After

“I had forgotten to apply insect repellent and after an evening of playing out in the backyard, I noticed my 4 year old had quite a few little mosquito bites on her back and legs. They looked like typical mosquito bites and weren’t bothering her at the time, so I thought nothing of it.

The next morning, I noticed her bites were much larger and she’s finding them itchy. I grabbed the Kids Afterbite I had on hand and applied it to all of her bites. My Mother was instructed to reapply around lunch time if the bites were still itchy. When she was picked up later that evening, the bites were much worse! It looked as though the Kids Afterbite had burned them.  I asked my Mom what happened and if my daughter had been scratching at the bites. The Kids Afterbite had just been reapplied in the 2 hours previous.

I circled each bite with a pen to monitor the swelling. The Kids Afterbite was discontinued and the Ocean Bottom Bug Bite Rollerball was applied that night. The next morning the swelling and redness had gone down by AT LEAST 50%. Two days later, the bites looked like a light bruise. I couldn’t believe it! Her mosquito bites typically bruise and stay rough to the touch for at least a week before finally going away. This rollerball is like GOLD at our house.”

Whatever your outdoor activity, our Don’t Bug Me Collection has you covered. Bug Spray is available in 100ml spray bottles for Adults (age 10 and over), Children (age 6 months and over) and the extra potent Hunter version.  Bug Bite Rollerballs are 10ml and available in both Adult and Children’s versions.

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