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Routine Natural Deodorant (Sticks)


Eliminate odour while maintaining skin’s healthy balance. Doubles as your personal signature scent.


Stick 50g – in stick format for on the go-getters.
A dabbing kind of deal. As this formula is softer than regular sticks, we find that one or two dabs will do ya!


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The life-changing legend.Discover why over 1 million formerly stinky people have been converted to routine – a deodorant that is not only natural, but more effective than conventional. Fun and versatile these life-changers will second as your signature scent.These cardboard and 100% post-consumer recycled twist up plastic sticks are for those of you reluctant to touch your armpits! Hey that’s cool! We wanted to include you in the experience of our life-changing formulas. We’ll convince you, slowly to use them digits, but until then, we got you!



Weight 2.04589 oz
Deodorant Scent

A Girl Named Sue, Blackberry Betty, Blackberry Betty – Baking Soda Free, Bonita Applebom, Bonnie n Clyde, Cat Lady, Dirty Hipster, Johnny's Cash, Johnny's Cash – Baking Soda Free, Like A Boss, Lucy in the Sky, Maggie's Citrus Farm, Moon Sisters, Reuben & the desert, Sexy Sadie, Sexy Sadie – Baking Soda Free, Superstar, Sweet Jane, The Class, The Curator – Baking Soda Free


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Paraben & Phthalates Free

Canadian Made

100% Natural

No Animal Testing

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