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Made without chemical dyes or fragrances, our relaxing bath bombs transforms your bath from boring to blissful, setting you up for an indulgent soak.

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Dive into a world of luxury and relaxation with Ocean Bottom Soap Company’s exquisite collection of bath bombs. Indulge your senses and pamper your skin with our Moisture Rich, Peppermint Blend, and Lavender and Chamomile bath bombs, each designed to transform your bathing experience into a spa-like retreat.

Moisture Rich with Organic Rose Petals: Envelop yourself in the opulence of our Moisture Rich bath bomb, a divine fusion of skin-loving ingredients and the delicate essence of organic rose petals. As this bath bomb fizzes and dissolves, it releases a burst of hydrating goodness, leaving your skin feeling irresistibly soft and moisturized. The subtle floral notes and the visual treat of floating rose petals create a sensorial escape, inviting you to unwind and luxuriate in the soothing embrace of this botanical masterpiece.

Peppermint Blend: Revitalize your senses with the invigorating Peppermint Blend bath bomb. Immerse yourself in the cooling, minty freshness as the bath bomb effervesces, turning your bathwater into a refreshing oasis. Peppermint is renowned for its uplifting properties, making this bath bomb perfect for a rejuvenating soak after a long day. Let the crisp aroma awaken your senses and the fizzing magic transport you to a world of relaxation.

Lavender and Chamomile: Experience tranquility with our Lavender and Chamomile bath bomb, a calming blend that brings peace to both the body and mind. Lavender’s soothing aroma, combined with the gentle essence of chamomile, creates a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation and stress relief. This bath bomb is a bedtime ritual essential, providing a serene prelude to a restful night’s sleep. Allow the stresses of the day to melt away as you soak in the calming embrace of lavender and chamomile.

Indulge in the luxurious diversity of Ocean Bottom Soap Company’s bath bomb collection. Whether you’re in the mood for a hydrating floral escape, an invigorating peppermint pick-me-up, or a calming blend for a tranquil evening, our bath bombs are crafted to elevate your bathing ritual to new heights of bliss. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with the gift of indulgence and transform every bath into a spa-worthy experience.

Notes: Proudly made in Canada.

Volume: 100g  (square)

Type: Bath Bombs

Weight 7 oz

Round, Square

Bath Bombs

3 pack Bath Bomb Sleeve, Lavender & Chamomile, Peppermint Salt Blend


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Paraben & Phthalates Free

Canadian Made

100% Natural

No Animal Testing

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