Men’s Pack


This pack was created with our male shoppers in mind.

It is a five-item pack with three soaps, a lip balm and a 50ml body spray. With notes of Juniper Berry and Cedar, the Forest Soap and The Fresh Soap features a manly scent that is sure to please. The Scrub Soap is exfoliating for the men that need a little bit of “extra polish”. The Woodsy Body Spray is rich & enticing with the aroma of Vetiver & Pine with fresh undertones of Sage. A touch of citrus makes this a one-of-a-kind body spray! Our Moisturizing Mint lip balm will keep your lips protected and moisturized all year long.

The Pack retails for $40 + tax.

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Weight: 24 oz, 680 grams

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Weight 24 oz


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