Each November, a curious thing happens….

“…men disregard their standard shaving regimen, ignore heckles from their wives and friends and let their ‘staches and beards grow with wild abandon.

Are they preparing for winter hibernation? Testing out a new form of food capture? Revolting against the razor industry?


They are banding together to bring awareness to and generate funds in the fight against cancer affecting men in our community. “

~ GrowOnWindsor.com


To support the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation, we have created a limited edition Cinnamon Shaving Soap and Vegan Lip Balm with proceeds going to the Grow On Windsor campaign. Grow On supports awareness and treatment of men’s cancers with all funds raised staying in our community.

So men, start growing those beards and come December 1, our special edition Cinnamon Shaving Soap will help you take it all off. And for the ladies, keep those lips soft, supple and ready to be kissed with the Grow On Lip Balm.

Purchase your limited edition Grow On products here