Beard care is a real thing.

Grow Your Beard!

Whether your beard game is stuff of lumberjack legend or something a little less dramatic, our beard oil will keep your face hair awesome all day long.

Beard oils can easily reach your skin to minimize beard itch and flaking. It’s equally as important to take care of the skin your beard sprouts out of! Think of beard oil as the equivalent of an apple a day for the daily maintenance and overall health of your beard.

For a flawless beard regime, use daily, ideally fresh from the shower, to get that beard mojo going strong. While it’s ok to use our beard oil occasionally, using on the regular will keep your beard at max studliness.

How much to use depends on the length and thickness of your beard. It will be a bit of trial and error but start with a dime size amount in the palm of your hand. Think of it like a hair gel. Like your head-hair, your face hair will tell you when it’s had enough. Spread on both palms and between your fingers. Massage evenly throughout your beard and on to your face. Comb/brush/style/fluff and your beard is now the stuff of follicle envy.

Our 30ml beard oils are available in 3 scents: The Early Riser, The Speakeasy and The Study.

Available in store and online.